Documents that can be automated

Proposals with dynamic variables such as costing

Legal documents with many clauses that are linked to different parts of the contract

Contracts that are changed based on criteria e.g. Employment contract with changing leave days

Documents or policies with many variables across your organisation

Customer-facing application forms with fields that only apply to specific applicants

Data collection forms that are very long to complete, and errors are easy to miss

Procurement documents that are complex

No matter the size or scope of your business, Nymbiz has a product to suit your needs.

Various configurations and platforms can be customized to your business in order to cater for your infrastructure, budget constraints and growth potential. Nymbiz have the tools to cater for the document needs across all organisations whether you are n banking, law, consulting, procurement etc.

If your day to day business involves documents of any kind, your day to day business needs Nymbiz.

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Up to now, drafting proposals and contracts have been a tedious, complicated process relying on re-purposing old documents and using the ‘find and replace’ function to customise it for different needs! Creating complicated documents with many variables from scratch is a frustrating, time-sucking process.

Nymbiz smart document creation changes this

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