IP and knowledge management benefits

Templates are centrally managed, allowing access to anyone you allow. *Reduces reliance on individual resources. *Reduced training time for new resources

Risk and compliance benefits

Ensure better accuracy and eliminate harmful or embarrassing errors such as ‘Find and replace’ mishaps. *Risk of conflicting or inapplicable information mitigated. *Critical jurisdictional/transactional specific provisions are included when required.

Save costs and increase productivity

Save of up to 90% of time spent on generating documents. *Fast turnaround + high quality documents = increased customer/business satisfaction

Design and corporate identity benefits

Ensure your documents look sharp across your organisation. *Nymbiz ensures adherence to corporate identity, logos, colours and branding.

No matter the size or scope of your business, Nymbiz has a product to suit your needs.

Various configurations and platforms can be customized to your business in order to cater for your infrastructure, budget constraints and growth potential. Nymbiz have the tools to cater for the document needs across all organisations whether you are n banking, law, consulting, procurement etc.

If your day to day business involves documents of any kind, your day to day business needs Nymbiz.

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Up to now, drafting proposals and contracts have been a tedious, complicated process relying on re-purposing old documents and using the ‘find and replace’ function to customise it for different needs! Creating complicated documents with many variables from scratch is a frustrating, time-sucking process.

Nymbiz smart document creation changes this

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