Why choose Nymbiz?

Nymbiz is more than just automation software. With Nymbiz you are opting for the seamless integration of document automation into your everyday working environment.

What makes usdifferent?

Nymbiz blends law and technology to provide automation solutions that work. 


With qualified legal experts specialising in contracts and technology law, together with a dedicated team of software developers, Nymbiz has the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to implement document automation into your business.

Our Offering

Nymbiz products come with the ongoing training and support that will leave you fully operational in document automation allowing you to maximise the return on investment and operate your business in line with the technological gains of today.

We automate your business’s documents


We create and automate documentation for you


We have a select range of readymade, water tight, agreements available to purchase.

Any document which is currently being created manually can be transformed into an intelligent template for use with our Smart Document Solution. 


This includes letters, company resolutions (and other company secretarial documents), sales proposals, policies, procedures and contracts (including leases, employment contracts, service contracts and loan documentation).

Our competativeadvantage

Most companies still creates letters, resolutions, proposals, contracts and other documents manually, using static templates, previous documents and find and replace. 


This manual document creation process is very time consuming, is error prone, exposes companies to significant risks and often results in badly worded or bad quality documents which reflect badly on a company’s brand and corporate identity.

Nymbiz providesSmart Document Solutions
which enables companies:

To minimise the risks associated with manual document creation

To save significant time in creating documents

To ensure the creation of quality documents

Our solutions include:

  • the provision and implementation of document automation systems (desktop, server and/or web based);

  • analysing your existing documents to determine the functionality requirements relating to such documents;

  • transforming the documents into intelligent templates for use with such document automation systems; and

  • training and support.


Nymbiz envisions a future where artificial intelligence becomes the integral part of any business. We are focused on the growth of artificial intelligence.


While we are currently at the forefront of document automation, we plan to lead the application and adoption of artificial intelligence within the workplace. Technology is an ever changing and fast developing organism which we intend to keep up with every step of the way.


The inevitable arrival of fully integrated artificial intelligence within the workplace comes with new challenges and new competition. Our vision is to grow our business by keeping our clients ahead of the curb and maintaining their relevance through automation.


We at Nymbiz have set out on a journey to become the industry leaders in artificial intelligence and automation in the workplace and we hope to take you with us.

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Nymbiz has legal experts with the necessary IT skills to automate your custom documents meticulously and timeously making a successful and seamless transition into automation.

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